What do Auslan interpreters value about their work?

Auslan interpreting shares many similarities with other professions. It can be challenging, rewarding, stressful and exhilarating. Our interpreters get to experience great variety in their line of work, from parties and celebrations to public conferences and business meetings. Every day is different when you’re an Auslan interpreter, but we wanted to know exactly what our interpreters value most about their work. 

In an industry as diverse as ours, there’s enormous scope to try new things, and the variety of work available to our interpreters is a huge key. They have the opportunity to take on a broad portfolio of jobs and clients, giving themselves a chance to figure out exactly what jobs appeal to them the most. Some interpreters prefer to take specific jobs, while others prefer to maintain the variety that they can find in the industry. Long-time Auslan interpreter Paul Heuston has spent enough time interpreting to know what type of job he wants.

“My favourite jobs are those where I can work with professionals,” says Paul. The veteran interpreter has a strong understanding of commerce, and enjoys putting his knowledge into action in business and in boardrooms. With decades of experience as an interpreter, Paul has been able to develop what he calls “deeper relationships” with his clients. The relationships that Paul and many other interpreters have been able to forge in the industry are lasting examples of the positive impact that interpreting can have. Many of Echo’s clients choose to work with the same interpreters regularly, and the bonds they share can be special. 

In such a tightly knit community, the relationships that interpreters and clients share are often far more than merely professional. Paul says he values the ability to “have an ongoing role in a person’s life”, and it is this holistic and committed approach that is emblematic of the significance of the client-interpreter relationship. 

There are so many exciting opportunities in the Auslan interpreting industry, and our interpreters have the ability to choose how many jobs they take, where they take them and what type of jobs they are. There is almost unlimited flexibility for our interpreters – but the most important thing is still the relationships they can find in their line of work. The opportunity to forge such a substantial connection with another person is truly special, and we’re proud to be able to play our part in the process. 

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Featured image from Unsplash.

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