A Step-by-step guide to online interpreter & notetaker booking

Step 1. Go to the Echo Interpreting website at www.echointerpreting.com.au
Step 2. On the home page or under the “How to book” tab click on the pink button “Book an interpreter or notetaker”
This will redirect you to “Echo Interpreting login page”
Step 3. Log on to the online booking system by typing in your user name, and your password. If you have not been allocated a user name and password you can create your own and then click “register”

* Please note this is case sensitive. Once logged in you can change your username and password by clicking on “my details” Please make sure you alert others who may also use the system of the change of password. Alternatively you can set up a personalised log in by typing in a new user name and password before logging in and clicking register.

Step 4. Once logged in click on “New booking”
Step 5. Please read and agree to the terms and conditions and fees that will be incurred and click “submit”
Step 6. A new booking form will open up with an automatically generated booking number.
Step 7. Fill out all fields in the booking form. Be sure to correctly allocate the number of interpreters and notetakers needed for each booking as this will automatically duplicate your booking depending on your requirements. It is also important to add the full address of the appointment including street names, building numbers, Floor levels and room numbers if applicable. Please also include as much additional information as possible in relation to special instructions, class subjects/meeting content or additional booking requirements to ensure our interpreters and notetakers can easily find the venue and are appropriately prepared. Wherever possible class notes, meeting agendas, conference papers etc are greatly appreciated.
Step 8. If you have multiple dates of the same exact appointment please type each individual date in the “Recurring appointments” field and the friendly Echo staff will duplicate this booking for each date you have requested.
Step 9. Once the booking form is completed click “submit”
Step 10. On the left hand column click on “all bookings” you can now see your bookings there in real time and can check the status of your assignments. This will also show when your bookings have been allocated and the name of the Interpreter/Notetaker allocated.
Step 11. If at any time you have questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.

Want to book an interpreter or notetaker?

Book an Interpreter or Notetaker

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