Our Services

Echo Interpreting offers a wide range of services designed to meet the needs of our clients. Special emphasis is placed on matching the most appropriate support staff on bookings to ensure client satisfaction.

Fees & Terms and Conditions

Face to Face Interpreting

Echo Interpreting employs a large pool of NAATI accredited interpreters at both a paraprofessional and professional level. Our interpreters attend face to face interpreting appointments all around Victoria across multiple settings. We pride ourselves on taking a personalised approach to interpreter bookings. We look at each booking individually to ensure we match the best interpreter possible to a particular job, ensuring great outcomes for our clients.

Video Remote Interpreting (online)

In the case where face to face interpreting is not possible, Echo interpreting can provide qualified interpreters for client bookings via VRI. This improves access to interpreting services and ensures we can deliver services to clients who might otherwise miss out due to interpreter shortage or remote location.


Echo Interpreting also provides high quality notetakers to support clients who require note taking services. Our notetakers work primarily in ongoing education settings but can also be engaged for shorter duration bookings such as conferences or meetings where note taking is required.

Deaf Interpreters

In situations where hearing interpreters are not sufficient, Echo Interpreting is able to provide Deaf interpreters to work in a variety of settings. Deaf interpreters are typically utilised in situations where hearing interpreters may not have the necessary language/comprehension skills to communicate effectively with particular clients.

Live Remote Captioning

Echo Interpreting can provide Live Remote Captioning and Transcription services allowing immediate access to the spoken word with real time speech to text delivered remotely to any connected device.

Participation Assistants

Echo Interpreting has a wide variety of participation assistants available for bookings. Participation assistants’ duties can vary and may involve notetaking and providing additional support to clients based on their individual needs. Our participation assistants are committed to ensuring the highest quality service to clients.

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