5 ways an Auslan interpreter can help you every day

Recent changes to the NDIS have created new possibilities in the way the Deaf community can access Echo’s interpreter and notetaking services. Clients can use our services for all sorts of personal or medical appointments. These changes are a few years old, but we are only just now seeing the full scale of their impacts. With the new possibilities for using NDIS funding, we decided we’d run you through some of our favourite ways to access our services. 


There’s nothing more joyous than a wedding or civil ceremony, where two people can profess their love and commitment to one another. Genuine human emotion is something that everyone treasures, and weddings can be the ultimate expression of love, hope and happiness. The communal nature of a wedding celebration is also special, with so many people gathered in the same place to celebrate the same thing. Everyone has a fun wedding story, and for people who are married, their big day might just be the happiest of their lives.

Family Medical Appointments

Everyone wants to know how their family members are faring, both physically and mentally, but communicating what’s going on can be difficult at the best of times. Talking about private health matters can be painful, embarrassing and scary, but it’s always easier to tackle a problem with support from family. NDIS funding allows you to bring an interpreter along to a family member’s medical appointments, so you always know what they’re dealing with. 

University Classes

The fast-paced world of university tutorials slows for nobody, and staying up to date with lectures, assignments and presentations can be daunting. Fast-talking lecturers who love to skip slides, information-dense presentations and stacks of assignments are just a few of the things that can make university so intimidating. There’s always an easier way, though. Echo Interpreting offers notetakers and interpreters for all types of educational settings, and these services can help to reduce the pressure of performing at university. Our speedy-fingered note takers can make sure you don’t miss a thing during lectures, and our interpreters will ensure you can participate fully in classes and tutorials. 

Business Meetings

The corporate world relies on sales pitches and sealing deals to keep rolling, but in scenarios where clear communication is vital, it can be difficult to close a sale without an interpreter. Many of Echo’s interpreters are business-savvy, and can slide seamlessly into the corporate world to help facilitate the smooth progress of a meeting. These interpreters can be a valuable resource, and their experience will help make sure the deal gets through.

Kids Parties

Both kids and parents can use weekend birthday parties as a social opportunity, but it can be frustrating when there is a communication barrier. For children, birthday parties are a priceless opportunity to have fun and grow their social skills, and can provide a relaxed environment for them to spend time with their friends. Parties can be valuable for parents too, as they provide networking opportunities and the chance to meet new people, organise play dates and chat about their childrens’ educational futures. Having an interpreter attend a party means that children and parents won’t miss a thing, and can help make the day a success. 

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