Echo Interpreting Uniform Policy

The appearance of interpreters reflects the image of Echo Interpreting and independent contractors. The appearance of interpreters also has a significant impact on the way Echo Interpreting and the independent contractors are viewed by consumers, fellow interpreters and the general public. As such it is critical that interpreters present themselves in a professional manner including professional and well maintained attire.

Any jewellery worn should be discreet and professional in appearance.

Hair is to be worn in a neat and tidy fashion.

Nail polish is to be neutral or plain colouring.

Echo Interpreting recognises tattoos are a form of self expression, however, we ask that upper body tattoos are covered by clothing where possible. We especially request that employees do not wilfully wear revealing clothing for the purpose of displaying their upper body tattoos.

In the field of professional interpreting one must interpret within a variety of environments often rushing from one assignment to another. This should not impact on the appropriateness of interpreter's appearance. It is therefore necessary to dress according to the most professional job of the day (when appropriate). It is also encouraged that interpreters take additional clothing with them for the purpose of dressing up or down an outfit. We recognise the difficulty of carrying additional clothing for those interpreters who rely on public transport. However, as afore mentioned, we ask that interpreters unable to take additional clothing dress up rather than down. Interpreters need to be mindful of clothing selection, as over dressing can cause some clients to feel disempowered.

Unless working in an industrial, horticultural or recreational setting it is unacceptable to wear jeans or shorts.

Thin strapped singlet tops and flip flops/thongs are not to be worn at any time.

Unless swimming, it is expected that employees wear shoes at all times. Closed toe shoes must be worn when working on industrial sites or in kitchens.

In the event that bras are not able to be worn, sufficient alternate support should be worn.

Any skirts worn should be professional in appearance with a hem line reaching the lower half of the thigh.

It is not appropriate for interpreters to wear clothing with plunging neck lines or to have visible midriffs.

When representing Echo Interpreting, it is not appropriate to wear clothing advertising other interpreting services.

When working in a court setting interpreters are required to wear a complete suit, business attire or a suit jacket with a formal shirt and skirt or pant.

It is expected that interpreters adhere to the Uniform Policy and Procedure in accordance with the professional conduct as set out in the ASLIA code of ethics.