Echo Interpreting Travel Time and Mileage

Any assignment outside 40km from Melbourne CBD (calculated from Bourke Street) will incur travel time and mileage charges. Travel time is charged at the regular hourly rate and mileage is calculated at 50c per km.

An initial estimate of the travel time and mileage amounts is calculated using

This is done to give both Echo Interpreting and the client an estimate of the total costs involved. However if travel time and mileage amounts exceed the initial estimate due to road works, traffic, etc, the greater amount will be used to replace the initial estimate for invoicing purposes.

In the event that a booking has a scheduled length of less than 2 hours, any travel time will be deducted until the 2 hour minimum booking time is met. Thereafter any travel time will be paid in addition to the minimum 2 hour booking fee.

Echo Interpreting will always pay travel time and mileage to all interpreters from the CBD to any job location outside 40km from the CBD, regardless of the interpreters' location.