Booking an Interpreter

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Welcome to Echo Interpreting,

By submitting interpreting, notetaking or participation assistance booking requests via Echo Interpreting online booking system you must acknowledge and agree to the following terms and conditions. These conditions are in place as per industry standards and to protect and provide fair working conditions to the workers employed by Echo Interpreting.

  • I acknowledge that my organisation is responsible for the fees incurred by this booking.

    (All bookings submitted must be done so by the paying client. Invoices cannot be sent for payment to anyone other than the organisation submitting the booking. If you are not the client responsible for payment please have the organisation responsible for making payment contact Echo Interpreting so we can assist them to register and submit the booking with Echo Interpreting directly).

  • I acknowledge that I have read the schedule of interpreting fees and conditions as laid out on the Echo Interpreting website under the "fees" tab and accept the fees and charges that will be incurred.

  • I accept Echo interpreting two hour minimum booking standards and acknowledge that any assignments that go over the original booking time will be charged for time thereafter in 15 minute increments. I am also aware that Appointments that cross over from the standard hourly rate into the after hour rate will be charged as such E.g 7am -9am appointment will be charged as 1 hour standard and 1 hour after hours.

  • I understand that any booking over 1 hour duration that involves 4 or more participants, may require a tandem interpreter to be booked for Occupational Health and Safety reasons and this will be at the discretion of Echo Interpreting. Alternatively assignments consisting of large groups or complex information under one hour duration may also require a second interpreter and this too will be at the discretion of Echo Interpreting and will be negotiated at the time of booking. (Interpreters work in tandem to ensure minimal interruption to the flow of the assignment and to prevent risk of injury. If you are unsure about the structure of your presentation or program in relation to the above, please consult with Echo Interpreting at the time of booking).

  • If my assignment location is outside 40km from Melbourne CBD I acknowledge and am aware of the travel time and mileage charges that will be incurred as set out below.

    Travel costs:

    Any assignment outside 40km from Melbourne CBD (calculated from Bourke Street) will incur travel time and mileage charges. Travel time is charged at the regular hourly rate and mileage is calculated at 50c per km.

    An initial estimate of the travel time and mileage amounts is calculated using

    This is done to give both Echo Interpreting and the client an estimate of the total costs involved. However if travel time and mileage amounts exceed the initial estimate due to road works, traffic, etc, the greater amount will be used to replace the initial estimate for invoicing purposes.

    In the event that a booking has a scheduled length of less than 2 hours, any travel time will be deducted until the 2 hour minimum booking time is met. Thereafter any travel time will be paid in addition to the minimum 2 hour booking fee.

    Echo Interpreting will always pay travel time and mileage to all interpreters/notetakers from the CBD to any job location outside 40km from the CBD, regardless of the interpreters' location.

  • I acknowledge and understand Echo Interpreting "One full day" cancellation policy as indicated below.


    Full payment will be required for any cancellations received less than one full business day (Echo Office hours are 9.00am - 5.00pm Monday to Friday) prior to the commencement of an appointment. (Weekends and public holidays are not deemed as business days). E.g. an appointment commencing at 10.00am on a Thursday cannot be cancelled at 9.00am the day before as one full business day has not been given. The cancellation would have needed to occur prior to 5pm on the Tuesday, Wednesday 9am - 5pm would then be deemed as the "full business day" given prior to the scheduled appointment on Thursday.

    Following Occupational Health and Safety standards, in the event that two interpreters are booked for an assignment and one of the interpreters cannot attend for any reason, the remaining interpreter is not necessarily required to continue with the assignment alone. If this situation arises, the interpreter must contact Echo Interpreting immediately! If Echo Interpreting believes that by continuing with the assignment alone there is a risk of injury the interpreter is permitted to leave the assignment and will be paid the full interpreting fee.

    Where a client has failed to arrive within 30 minutes of the assignment start time, the interpreter/notetaker/PA is required to ring the booking agency. If Echo Interpreting has not received notification of late attendance, the interpreter/notetaker/PA is permitted to leave the venue and the paying client will incur full costs.