Meet Hush, our resident deaf puppy

This is Hush, Echo’s resident deaf puppy. She’s the fur baby of our founder, Danielle.  Hush is an 18-month old Blue Heeler and she’s been deaf from birth. She’s been trained with hand signals, understands basic sign language and is fiercely protective of her mum.

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What do Auslan interpreters value about their work?

Auslan interpreting shares many similarities with other professions. It can be challenging, rewarding, stressful and exhilarating. Our interpreters get to experience great variety in their line of work, from parties and celebrations to public conferences and business meetings. Every day is different when you’re an

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How to book with Echo: it’s easy!

At Echo we pride ourselves on providing an easy booking process for our clients. We offer a quick and simple way to access the services of our NAATI accredited interpreters and notetakers. There’s a comprehensive guide available on our website, but we thought we’d provide an

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5 ways an Auslan interpreter can help you every day

Recent changes to the NDIS have created new possibilities in the way the Deaf community can access Echo’s interpreter and notetaking services. Clients can use our services for all sorts of personal or medical appointments. These changes are a few years old, but we are

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A brief history of Auslan’s early days

Auslan developed in Australia over the course of the 19th century, growing organically with the help of several pioneers in sign language. The arrival of British colonists in Australia in the early 19th century brought Deaf people educated in Europe to Australia’s shores. John Carmichael

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Hello, hello, hello from Echo!

This is the start of something great! We’ve decided to establish a weekly blog so we can share our ideas, experience and expertise more easily with you. This space will become a forum for discussion and innovation as we continue our mission to provide high

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